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Rental Policy

PO Box 187, Wapato, WA 98951: 877-0960:     Office hours: 10:15 am – 1 pm, weekdays

The All Nations Center (ANC) is a facility dedicated to the worship of The Creator God.
Therefore, all activities are to be in harmony with Godly values. Rental fees are intended to
defray the cost of operation and maintenance of our facilities without presenting a financial
burden to those needing to use them.
Please read the following and sign.
1. All requests are on a first come, first served basis.
2. Total fees will be due at the time of scheduling. Building will be reserved when payment
is made.
3. Rental time includes time for you to set up and clean up facilities, or extra charges will
apply. An ANC Staff member will be on hand to guide you.
4. There will be no alcohol or drugs permitted on the premises.
5. Groups must furnish their own disposable plates, cups, napkins and tableware.
6. Any decorations must be provided by applicant and approved by ANC
7. The facility is not available Friday or Saturday.
8. NO RED JUICES containing FD&C Red #5 can be served (red Kool-Aid, grape juice, pop).
Coffee is no longer allowed in the building.
9. No access behind the net. Platform is not a play area. Please keep kids from playing
10. Before leaving, all tables must be washed and put away, all metal
chairs returned to storage rack and all fabric chairs must be returned to original
location in auditorium rows, or storage trailer.
11. No lighted candles are allowed.
12.All dancing will be limited to traditional cultural dancing only (i.e. pow wow, mariachi)

1. Refrigerator is for use on day of rental only. Any items left after function are subject to
2. Appliances are available for use and must be cleaned when finished.
3. No metal objects in microwave.
4. Kitchen items are not to be moved to other rooms of the facility.
5. All counters and floor shall be free from any food/drink residues and the sink shall be
drained and wiped out.
6. Empty trash cans into outside dumpster on west side of building, and replace liners. (In
drawer next to fridge)
7. A maximum of ten (10) persons from the renting group will be allowed in the kitchen at
any one time.
8. We ask that you use as much of our cooking utensils as possible. (i.e. coffee pots, pots
and pans, etc.) There is a space for you to list any items you bring that are not

The All Nations Center is not liable for any misplaced, damaged, lost or stolen items of
the rentee, or for any injuries incurred by the rentee.
All Nations Center reserves the right to cancel any scheduled event due to unforeseen
circumstances. In this situation, the renter will be notified immediately and all
payments/deposits will be refunded. Refunds will only be by check.

Signature of rentee:_________________________________________

Signature of All Nations Center personnel:______________________________

*Non-disposable kitchen items brought by rentee:

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