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Empower all people toward Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Healing through service to The Creator


Adventurer club

The Adventurer program is designed to support parents in assisting children with the challenging task of developing fully as followers of Christ in today’s world.

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Day camp

The primary purpose of the summer day camp program is positive youth development in a Christian based environment that educates children through moral values & ethical lessons.  If you wish to learn more about our Summer Day Camp Program, please don't hesitate to contact Jen Day, 406-870-2358.

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Game night

Do you love active, fast-paced games like dodge-ball, volleyball, basketball, and relay races? Or maybe you prefer to socialize over a casual board game? Whatever your preference, we've got something for everyone. So join us this Saturday for some good old-fashioned family fun!

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Sabbath school

Sabbath School is the heartbeat of our fellowship community. Each week we spend time learning from Scripture and from each other. Our Sabbath school classes begin at 10:00 am every Saturday morning, and are currently held online via Microsoft Teams.  If you would like to participate, please fill out the following form and we will contact you with the link! 

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